Why study Tourism?


An international outlook and cross-cultural understanding are ingrained in our DNA.


English taught
International staff and students
International field project in year 2
International exchange opportunities in year 3


Understand the complex interrelationships between tourism, the economy, society and the environment.

Focus on sustainable tourism development

Interdisciplinary knowledge and research on current economic, social and environmental issues linked to tourism and recreation.


World-class research and education by Wageningen University and Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Unique Joint Degree Programme

One of it’s kind academic bachelor by Wageningen University & Breda University of Applied Sciences. Education is small-scale and personal. In 3 years’ time, students become an expert at researching tourism. Graduates have access to a wide range of academic masters.


Worldwide tourism is an industry of major importance. Travel & tourism directly contribute US$2.2 trillion to the global economy. 1 in 11 of the world’s total jobs are in travel & tourism.

Tourism, however, is more than just a powerful economic force. Tourist activities affect the environment of travel destinations and influences cultures worldwide. Tourism is very sensitive to global transformations such as changing consumer behaviour, economic developments, climate change, epidemics, or acts of terrorism. Tourism is a complex phenomenon.

In this academic programme you study tourism and explore the interrelationships between tourism, economy, society and environment. The study Tourism focuses on sustainable development. The study Tourism is an English-taught interdisciplinary academic bachelor programme offered jointly by Wageningen University and Breda University of Applied Sciences.


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“During my exchange in Finland I discovered that we have developed very strong presenting and academic writing skills in the BSc Tourism as it is a compulsory part of almost every course. I have also experienced that because the BSc Tourism covers so many different disciplines, no matter what course I take or how far removed it is from tourism studies, I still have sufficient background knowledge. That’s really great because it shows me how tourism theories and practices are applicable to other domains and vice versa.”
“I realized how well structured and prepared the courses were we had in Breda. The fact that each course contained a course outline and very clear requirements, really enhanced the quality of the study. Besides that I also noticed that almost every teacher from Breda and Wageningen taught in very good English. And furthermore, I am very happy that we learned so extensively how to write literature reviews, essays, references etc. I really see that I have great advantages compared to other students.”
“Especially the fieldtrip to Thailand was a great opportunity to get practical skills in researching and get an idea about possible future jobs. After graduating from the Bachelor in Tourism I moved to the UK where I am following the MSc. Marine Resource Development and Protection (MRDP) at Heriott-Watt University. I’m hoping to work on research projects about tourism impacts on the marine environment and/or work within the marine ecotourism industry.”