Only one more sleepless night and of we, half of the second years, will go. To Sulawesi, Indonesia, were we will be doing our research. Every day one of the research groups will write a blog post about their experiences in the field. Also the groups who will stay in the Netherlands and do research in the Amstel-Meerlanden region will give you some insides in their experiences as being a researcher. But, how do you write a blog post? What are the musts and what are the no-go’s? To find that out, we asked Lobke Elbers from TravelNext for help.

On Wednesday the 12th we gathered together for the travel blogging workshop. Lobke made us think about all kind of things. The first one was a biography. Who are we? Sounds like a simple question, but it turned out to be pretty difficult to describe yourself in three catchy sentences. Afterwards we had to think about a niche. A niche is a specialization, the focus point of your blog. Everybody had to pitch his or her niche to the others. One student wants to show the streets behind the touristy area, yet other students want to give local people a voice and display local culture. A combination of food and tourism was also seen as interesting and one of the students came up with the concepts local lunch or domestic diner. So, who knows, some of these niches might be used for the coming posts. The workshop ended with some extra tips given by Lobke.

Are you curious to find out whether the tips have helped?  You can read our blogs on the international field project starting coming Wednesday with a post on the research in the Amstel-Meerlanden region. The first post about Sulawesi will be online coming Friday!

Written by: Kim