Bas Amelung
Bas AmelungAssistant Professor
I am an environmental economist. My research focus is on the projected impacts of climate change on tourism. I develop quantitative projections for tourism based on climate model output.
Bas Arts
Bas ArtsProfessor
My research focus is on new modes of governance in environmental politics, mainly with regard to forests, biodiversity, and climate change.
Marcel Bastiaansen
Marcel BastiaansenLecturer & Researcher
I am an expert in quantitative data analysis. With a background in cognitive neuroscience, my research focuses on consumer behavior. Current projects include neuromarketing, big data, and experience marketing.
Raoul Beunen
Raoul BeunenAssistant Professor
My research explores the potentials and limitations of environmental policy and planning in the perspective of adaptive governance and sustainability.

Harald Buijtendijk
Harald BuijtendijkLecturer & International Tourism Consultant
I specialise in tourism destination development. My current research focuses on value chain governance, multi-stakeholder collaboration, and business innovation.

Erdinc Cakmak
Erdinc CakmakSenior Lecturer
I am a marketing researcher, interested in cross cultural marketing topics. I currently focus on place branding and image formation of tourism destinations.
Miranda Cornelisse
Miranda CornelisseLecturer & Researcher
I am specialised in product and destination development in complex situations. In my research I focus on the usage of images and visual storytelling in the creation of memorable tourist experiences.
Pieternel Cremers
Pieternel CremersLecturer & Study Advisor
I combine my two passions and fields of expertise -tourism & working with people with intellectual disabilities – to contribute to the debate on improving the lives of people with disabilities in our society. I am also the programme’s study adviser.
Ynte Van Dam
Ynte Van DamAssistant Professor
I am a marketing researcher with special interest in consumer behaviour and sustainable marketing. I’m always looking for job opportunities for my graduates.
Domenico Dentoni
Domenico DentoniAssistant Professor
My research is inter-disciplinary across the fields of economics, sociology, psychology and political sciences, often conducted as a team effort and very often out of my office.
Art Dewulf
Art DewulfAssociate Professor
I the study of complex problems of natural resource governance, through combining insights from organization science and policy science, with a focus on interactive processes of framing, conflict and collaboration.
Karolina Doughty
Karolina DoughtyLecturer & Researcher
I am a human geographer with a special interest in health/wellbeing and place-making. My current research applies this interest to urban spaces, coastal & water environments, and in relation to mobility & sensory experiences.
Clemens Driessen
Clemens DriessenLecturer & Researcher
I am a philosopher/cultural geographer with an interest in science, technology, ethics and the arts. Currently I am working on human-animal relations, technological design and nature conservation.
Rene Van Der Duim
Rene Van Der DuimSpecial Professorship Tourism and Sustainable Development
I am a sociologist with special interest in actor-network theory. My research focuses on tourism, conservation and development in sub-Saharan Africa.
Eke Eijgelaar
Eke EijgelaarLecturer & Researcher
I specialise in sustainable tourism & transport. My research focuses on tourism emissions, carbon management, and energy use in tourism.
Wim Heijman
Wim HeijmanProfessor
I am an economist specialised in regional economics. My current research focusses on Rural Development Landscape Economics.
Nicolien De Heus
Nicolien De HeusLecturer
My research focuses on intercultural learning and cross cultural competence in the international classroom. I have a special interest in cross cultural communication.
Rami Isaac
Rami IsaacSenior Lecturer & International Tourism Consultant
I hold a PhD in spatial sciences and I have a special interest in cultural heritage, dark tourism, tourism planning and politics.
Jarl Kampen
Jarl KampenAssistant Professor
I am a methodologist. My specialties are applied statistics, instrument development, questionnaire design, and good governance.
Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkhuyzen
Sylvia Karlsson-VinkhuyzenAssistant Professor
My research is in political science with an emphasis on international relations and multi-level governance. In particular I follow the issues of accountability and legitimacy in global climate change institutions.
Jeroen Klijs
Jeroen KlijsLecturer & Researcher
I am a regional & transport economist with special interest in urban development. My curent research focuses on spatial-economic impacts of tourism.
Kasper Kok
Kasper KokAssistant Professor
As a tropical ecologist with hands-on experience in Latin America and Europe, I spend most of my time developing integrated, multi-scale scenarios related to climate mitigation & adaptation.
Machiel Lamers
Machiel LamersAssistant Professor
I am a sociologist with a special interest in environmental governance. My research focusses on climate change, adaptation & mitigation; participatory processes & planning in environmental resource management.
Trista Lin
Trista LinLecturer & Researcher
Having a degree in Gender and Ethnicity, in my PhD work at the Cultural Geography Group I focus on social projects in the Global South and their young beneficiaries.
Rico Lie
Rico LieAssistant Professor
I am a social anthropologist specialised in communication science and development sociology. My current research focusses on intercultural communication.
Eugenio Van Maanen
Eugenio Van MaanenSenior Lecturer & International Tourism Consultant
I am a geographer with expertise in the field of tourism knowledge development and management. My current research focuses on cultural heritage.
Ondrej Mitas
Ondrej MitasLecturer & Research Manager
I am a social scientist. My research interests include the visual experience of tourism, positive psychology in leisure contexts, and the role of tourism in subjective well-being.
Jeroen Nawijn
Jeroen NawijnSenior Lecturer and Researcher
I hold a PhD in the Social Sciences and specialize in tourist experiences, with a focus on psychological aspects of consumption behavior. I’m interested in studying antecedents and consequences of felt emotions in tourism/leisure contexts.
Meghann Ormond
Meghann OrmondAssistant Professor
I am a human geographer, interested in applying social theory to questions of transnational mobility, health and care.
Paul Peeters
Paul PeetersAssociate Professor
I am a specialist in the environmental impacts of tourism and tourism transport in general and climate change mitigation in particular.
Karin Peters
Karin PetersAssistant Professor
I am an anthropologist and my current research focusses on leisure, public space, diversity, and issues of inclusion and exclusion.

Pieter Piket
Pieter PiketSenior Lecturer & Researcher
I am an economist with special interest in tourism policy and governance. My research focuses on economic modelling of tourism and sustainable tourism development.

Pieter De Rooij
Pieter De RooijSenior Lecturer & Marketing Researcher
I focus on experience marketing and customer relationship management in culture, sports and tourism. My research interests include consumer behaviour, marketing communication, experiences and customer loyalty.
Sebastiaan Straatman
Sebastiaan StraatmanSenior Lecturer & Programme Coordinator
I am a marketeer with special interest in neuromarketing. My current research focuses on the visual experience of tourism and the role of affect in decision-making.
Bas van Vliet
Bas van VlietAssociate Professor
My social scientific research focuses on Urban Infrastructures and Environment: Water, Sanitation, Energy, Waste
Jasper de Vries
Jasper de VriesAssistant Professor
I focus on sustainability communication and persuasion with a specific interest in trust and environment issues in Western and Africa contexts.