Tourism and poverty alleviation strategies


In 2017 international tourist arrivals grew another 7% to the height of 1,322 million and the tourism sector can be considered an essential part of economic growth for many nations (UNWTO, 2018). With this sort of economic impact, the question arises if tourism can be used as a tool for poverty alleviation? Tourism’s potential [...]

Artifacts in tourism destination management


Tourism and artifacts: a successful combination? Artifacts and lived places, two theoretical concepts that are used in tourism studies. This essay is based on the concepts of seeing a tourism destination as a lived place and of using artifacts in the management of tourism. In the following section these theoretical concepts will be explained [...]

Tourism destinations and long-distance control


Tourism destinations can be viewed as networks of relationships between nodes having varying power. Some of the nodes influence and control other elements of the system (Beritelli & Laesser, 2011; Nicholls, Amelung & Student, 2017). Considering the expansion of capitalistic systems in previously isolated destinations, relationships of exploitation, dependency and control are becoming more evident [...]