Social realities of everyday multiculturalism


In the culturally complex societies of our globalized world, the ability to flexibly adapt to, understand and communicate within different socio- cultural contexts is an important resource. This study explores how multiculturalism influences the feelings of belonging and self-perception of their role in society of 2nd generation Turkish migrants in Germany. | Author: H. Wiegel (2014)

A theme park in your pocket: how an app becomes part of visiting Efteling


The theme park industry argues theme park apps are a golden opportunity to enhance and enrich visitor experiences. This study identifies the promised Efteling experience, how the app feeds into this experience, and analyses how this is put into practice. | Author: C. Glazenburg (2014)

The process of establishing risk perceptions


This study investigates the relation between tourists’ risk perceptions of Egypt, and the willingness to travel to the destination. Directive content analysis of travel blogs & forums indicates that travel experience, the used information sources, and gender play a role in shaping tourists' risk perceptions. | Author: L. De Boer (2014)

Niche Developments in the Tourism Accommodation Sector


This research project explores how sociotechnical innovations for sustainability occur in the accommodation sector. Using the two distinct cases of Cradle2Cradle Islands and Landal GreenParks, Opportunities and constraints to broader implementation of sustainable technology are discussed. | Author: R. Bleijenberg (2014)

The Predictive Potential of Emotions in Animal-related Concepts


By measuring valence of tourists towards animals, it can be predicted which activities tourists will do during their holiday. Furthermore, by measuring valence towards animals, it can be predicted whether the respondent wants specific species to survive and how much money the respondent wants to spend to make this happen. | Author: A. Van der Wal (2014)