Value Chain Analysis of Seafood Restaurants, Koh Chang – Thailand

This study analyses the performance of the seafood restaurant value chain on Koh Chang, Thailand. It focuses on energy efficiency, waste management and the role of stakeholders. Feasible interventions are defined to enhance the sustainable development of Koh Chang as a low carbon destination. | Authors: De Keijzer, E., Kerckhoffs, V., Lubberts, T., Sluimer, N. & Van Halder, A. (2014)


Niche Developments in the Tourism Accommodation Sector

This research project explores how sociotechnical innovations for sustainability occur in the accommodation sector. Using the two distinct cases of Cradle2Cradle Islands and Landal GreenParks, Opportunities and constraints to broader implementation of sustainable technology are discussed. | Author: R. Bleijenberg (2014)


The Predictive Potential of Emotions in Animal-related Concepts

By measuring valence of tourists towards animals, it can be predicted which activities tourists will do during their holiday. Furthermore, by measuring valence towards animals, it can be predicted whether the respondent wants specific species to survive and how much money the respondent wants to spend to make this happen. | Author: A. Van der Wal (2014)