Are you creative, communicative, innovative, active and positive? Do you like social interactions, to organize and be part of a community? Get involved now in one of the committees Pangea offers you!

Marketing and communication committee

If you want to know how it is to develop a marketing plan for the Bachelor of Science Tourism and Pangea itself, you want to bring your ideas in and you want to help representing BSc Tourism and Pangea via Facebook, the blog, and other social media, then this is the committee you should join!

Educational Events committee

You like to be responsible with others for most study related activities and services such as guest lectures and study trips? You like to organize information meetings, to inform people about the most interesting and educative event of the year, or to organize trips to Holiday Fairs (Vakantiebeurs) or even abroad? Then this committee is right for you!

Party committee

Partying or going out with your friends is one of your hobbies? How about helping to arrange activities that are non-study related. Parties or activities in the Walkabout Café and Café Dunne can be organized with your help!

Introduction Committee

Just done with an amazing Introduction week? Wondering how all this has been organized for you and wanting to do it even better next year? Then join this committee to make this event or other events, like the Introduction day in Wageningen another time unforgettable! – Starts in November/December

National Field Project committee

Is organizing your best talent? Then bring your creative and original ideas into the National Field Project! You will get into the process of setting up a research and you will plan a three-days trip to some of the biggest cities in the Netherlands!

International Field Project committee

The international Field Project is something special for everyone in the second year. But if you want to make it even unforgettable then get involved in this committee to organize activities in the spare time!