My name is Maarten van Loon, and I am half Danish half Dutch. So, for those who were already wondering why I master the Dutch language so well, just accept it!

I’ll try my best to fulfill the quest that has been given to me; talk about my first week(s) in Breda, and how I enjoy my studies at NHTV Breda & Wageningen University – pretty exciting!

Where to begin… at the beginning, I guess! First of all, I chose the study because ‘Tourism’ has pretty much always interested me. It is a complex phenomenon that changes all the time – one cannot make vast calculations, unlike mathematics or physics. Don’t get me wrong, for they are both very interesting subjects! If it wasn’t for physics, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy many episodes of ‘Myth Busters’. But okay, I’m dwelling off from the topic that I should actually write about…

So yes, I’ve chosen the BSc Tourism. And I am very pleased with my decision! The study offered a wonderful introduction week with all my fellow students. Definitely a week worth remembering!  It gave everyone a great opportunity to know each other, including the 2nd year student. Well done indeed!

As I’ve said before; the concept of tourism fascinates me! The course is well-programmed to educate its students about the many aspects there are to know about tourism. Ultimately, I had high expectations,and thus far…. it did not fail to fulfill them. Also, I think the programme holds many surprises, and most of all: EXPERIENCE!

For those who are interested in studying tourism: I recommend the BSc Tourism! You will not regret it. A little bit of adventure doesn’t hurt!

[Gandalf: “The world is not in your books and maps. It’s out there!”]

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