During the 3rd year of the BSc Tourism, students have a semester in their programme for free choice courses – the Minor. However, choosing a minor is not an easy task. The options to compose a minor of your choice are almost infinite. Therefore on November the 7th, 2nd year BSc Tourism students had an information day to support them in choosing a minor. They received presentations on the possibilities to study abroad and visited the Minor Market in Wageningen.

The day started in Breda with a meeting with NHTV’s Exchange Coordinator. The steps to go on an international exchange at an NHTV partner university were presented. After this meeting, students travelled to Wageningen for a visit to the Minor Market. Students freely explored the possibilities that matched their personal interests. It was a very diverse market including many international exchange options from various continents, such as Europe, North America and South America. The Exchange Coordinator of Wageningen University explained the process of doing a minor abroad at a WU partner.

Seeing all these different minors and discovering their contents offered food for thought and raised the appetite. Thus before making a minor choice it’s now time to digest and reflect. And don’t forget:

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  • Options to select or compose a minor of your choice are almost infinite
  • Going on exchange involves a lot of paperwork and requires planning ahead
  • Score good grades; it raises the chances of being selected for the country & university of your choice
  • Step out of your comfort zone; combine non-obvious courses and create a your own unique profile


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