NienkeAs a 2nd year BSc Tourism student, most of my classes take place at the NHTV in Breda. However, occasionally we travel to Wageningen University for a day of teaching or other activities. On the early morning of Monday the 24th of February, all second year students headed to Wageningen. Why? To learn about the possibilities of minors as well as to get ideas on work and master studies upon completing the BSc Tourism. Many of the students – myself included – are always curious to hear about the work people do in the field of tourism, to gain ideas for the future. You can imagine that we were looking forward to this “Career & Alumni Day“!

We started with a Tourism Destination Management lecture, on the political economy of tourist destinations. The lecture was delivered by Michael Marchman, and especially interesting to us within the context of the upcoming International Field Project. After an energizing lunch, the actual Career & Alumni Day started. Together with the 3rd year BSc Tourism students we had the possibility to meet with several study advisors and instructors of potential minors and master options. We were able to talk with people of for example Environmental Sciences and the master on International Development.

Some fellow students and I went to a presentation by study advisor Jamila de Jong on Management, Economics and Consumer Studies. She gave us an overview of the possibilities within this department and answered questions. The presentation was very useful, as it became clear to me that my interests are not in this field of study. I’ll keep exploring! Though, some fellow students are considering to continue their studies in this direction.

At Wageningen University’s Gaia building, Licère, the Study Association of MSc Leisure, Tourism and Environment (MLE) orGaiaganised an event called IMPACT. IMPACT stands for Internship, Master, PhD, Alumni, Career, Thesis. Several students, alumni and PhD students shared their knowledge on these topics. The presentations were very interesting as they gave insight into the experiences of people working in the field. For bachelor students it is very nice to keep an eye on why we are actually studying this programme! I personally liked the presentations by Stephanie Boomsma and Jeanine Caalders, as they shared their career experience in the tourism sector. After the event, an informal ‘borrel’ was organised by Licere. This allowed us to ask questions to and socialize with the presenters and other students: “gezellig“!

I can imagine if you think: ‘but for a second year student isn’t it too early to gain knowledge on PhD’s and career options?’ Indeed many don’t consider these options until towards the end of their bachelor programme. However, I experienced these presentations as very motivating and useful as a starting point to discover the possibilities of working within the field of tourism. Though I do not have concrete future plans for after my graduation, the Career & Alumni Day triggered me to take a step in imagining my life as a BSc Tourism graduate.

By Nienke