After a super exiting but also extremely intense introduction programme, today was the day the research fase would start. After a tasty breakfast at Mr. Fluckies House on the East-side of Koh Chang, the group came together to have a reflection meeting. In this meeting, we shared our experiences and talked about what we had learned during the past days. Great to hear all the positive things that people experienced! When the meeting ended, some mini-vans brought us and our luggage to the West-side of the island, where the different research teams went to their own accommodation. This ride was quite exciting, as Koh Chang is pretty hilly and the roads are therefore very steep. You must be a good driver to ride those roads! During the ride, it struck us that there were more and more tourists, houses and cars. As we had entered from Cambodia into Thailand though its ‘backdoor’, we had not yet encountered any form of mass tourism. We had to adapt to this form of tourism and change our mindset to the realities of tourism on Koh Chang.

We, the team that will research the value chain of seafood restaurants, had not booked accommodation in advance. After some searching on the internet, we selected a few nice options to stay and reload. The first accommodation we actually visited immediately looked perfect. Cottages with air-conditioning, comfortable beds and a breathtaking seaview; WOW! We will stay here for a few days at least. Officially, today was the day to start the research. We discussed how we are going to work and where to start the fieldwork. But, like probably most of the teams, we did not actively go out to collect data. Everyone first needed some time to take a breath, relax and process the things we had experienced. The accomodation we found is just the perfect place for this. The picture tells you enough!

Written by: Nienke