Friday the 2nd of May, 2014

Still busy settling in the lively, beautiful and mostly warm place that is Koh Chang, we started our second official day of research quite early. A meeting with the supervisors was on the agenda for the afternoon, so in the morning we decided to explore the area where we are staying, Klong Prao Beach, to make observations and to find people to talk to who might be of value for our research.

A lot wiser we returned to our resort in the afternoon, where we met up with Michael and Peter from CBT-i. All of the research groups got to meet the supervisors once this week, to discuss our initial thoughts and findings. This was very useful for us! After the meeting we had our first interview, which took place in a quite informal setting but still provided us with a lot of information. The person we interviewed, Ian, was a British man who owns a guesthouse on Koh Chang and has lived here for over 10 years.

After the inspiring interview with Ian, we figured we deserved some leisure time. Here on Koh Chang, especially in the Klong Prao Beach area, leisure time is pretty much the ultimate synonym for going to the beach! Being on the beach is an amazing, but at the same time weird experience, considering the fact that everything around you looks like it was copy-pasted straight out of a travel brochure (Yes, it looks just as awesome). Especially sitting on one of the many swings that hang from trees gives you exactly that ultimate beach feeling. We ended our day with a lovely dinner at the beach. The Thai setting of the restaurant, together with the rushing waves, created a magical atmosphere.  Being content with what we had done so far for the research, we decided it would be nice to spend our weekend with our other friends, who are staying at Lonely Beach. A crazy, fun weekend was awaiting us!