After a hardworking and useful Saturday during which we did some interviews with budget bungalow owners, Sunday was a day to relax and do something fun. In the morning, study association Pangea organized a trip to the Tree Top Adventure Park. Two of our group members joined this activity. It was a lot of fun! There were two routes, one for beginners and one for the more advanced people. We were lucky enough to be able to do both. The second route contained a whole network of zip lines and included an orange bicycle. It was awesome to swing through the jungle and feel like Tarzan and (mainly) Jane! The only disadvantage: the mosquitoes liked Tarzan and his Jane’s!

As we arrived back early in the afternoon, we treated ourselves to a cold shower. It felt like heaven! Afterwards the majority of our team went to the beach to take a refreshing dive in the sea. Our fourth group member also felt like taking a refreshing bath, but as she did not want to do this by herself, she decided to visit one of the elephant parks on the island to bathe with elephants. She was lucky enough that she was alone together with one of her friends at the park. This meant a lot of private time with the elephants! After the bathing, a trekking in the jungle took place. The elephant however felt more like eating grass and scratching her butt instead of walking! At the end, they were allowed to reward the elephant for the bumpy ride by feeding her a whole lot of bananas. Great fun! 🙂