Thursday May 8, Helena and I are getting up early to go to work. Yes, work! We found a job at two different tour agencies (little shops that sell snorkeling tours, boat tours, diving tours, jungle trekking etc.) for one day in which we would observe tourists and the choices they make. In exchange we would help the owner of the agency with English (translation). So, we got up early to be on time for our work. I said goodbye to Helena and went to the agency. Unfortunately the shop was still closed, so I waited for almost 45 minutes outside in the heat when I decided that I could spend my time in a more efficient way. So I walked to a hotel nearby and did a spontaneous chat with one of the staff members (and got useful data for our research). When I got back at our accommodation I went with Verena to Ban Bao, a fishermen village. Here we had 4 interviews with different stakeholders. Fortunately we got help from a translator because otherwise … Well, otherwise it would be an interview full of (uncomfortable) smiling and nodding 🙂 Claudia and Evelien were working on the project at our bungalow.

After another day of hard work we went to eat together with the group members, drank a shake (already my third one this day) and went to sleep.