Thursday May 15, it’s 11 AM. It’s one day before the big day: the day of the stakeholder meeting. Tomorrow we have to present our findings for DASTA, the teachers, fellow students and people we invited ourselves i.e. hotel managers, tour agencies and restaurant owners.

This morning we had some time to relax and to practice for the test presentation (on the beach off course) we would have at 16:00 o’clock at White Sand beach. Two of us made use of the stunning beach scenery to gather some footage for our video summary. With the palm trees and the sound of the ocean on the background it almost looked like a promotion video for Koh Chang. After rehearsing the same sentences a couple of times and 1o ‘takes’ we decided to go for some lunch. Some of us ate Thai food at a restaurant where we’ve been eating already for let’s say … the last 8 days. One of us also prepared her own meal, Pad thai, at the accommodation we are currently staying. Although she loved cooking with the lady, it was a bit shocking for her that the food that she had been eating contains a lot of oil (enough for one month cooking!).

At 3PM we got into a taxi to make our way to the beautiful Kacha Resort at White Sands Beach. The room we had to go to looked like a fancy conference room. We didn’t expect this at all.

At 4PM we started the test presentation. All groups had to deliver a test presentation and got helpful feedback for the real and final presentation the following day. Afterwards we finally got an answer to the question we were all so anxious and curious about. We had all been waiting with excitement for this moment. The majority of our group really wanted to go to Bangkok, but feared that the staff would advise us not to go. However we got the news that – if we take the necessary precautions – we can go. So after the stakeholder presentation, off to Bangkok it is!