As you may know, the Bachelor of Science Tourism has its own study association: Pangea! Pangea consists of many different committees which can help you to build a great CV. In this blogpost, the Board and two committees present themselves to you so you know what they have to offer. You can become a Pangea-member without participating in any of the committees, but being part of a committee is a very interesting and valuable experience. Hopefully many of you will join a Pangea Cie. next year!

The Board

Board2015We are Silvia, Juultje, Emma and Anieke and we are on the Board of Pangea. Our main tasks are to coordinate the several committees, to get them started at the beginning of the year and to keep them going throughout. We are responsible for the membership and the finances of Pangea. Besides that we like to organize an activity  ourselvesonce and a while, such as the recurring bowling evening.

Current or prospective BSc Tourism students should definitely join the board if they want to be in charge an organisation; you have quite some responsibilities and gain considerable management experience. Running a Study Association can be challenging at times but it’s worth the effort you put in.

Marketing & Communication Committee

MC2015This year, the MC Cie. consists of six members, equally divided in three 2nd year students (Anieke, Martijn & Tjeerd) and three 1st year students (Marijn, Nellie, and myself – Saskia).

The MC Cie. focuses on promoting the study. We are present on open days to help out the lecturers and answer people’s questions about the programme, student life etc. We also organise the orientation days and guide the prospective BSc Tourism students throughout the day.

There are also a few representatives of the MC Cie. working for NHTV Breda’s Marketing & Communication office, which means they visit high schools and educational fairs to talk about the BSc Tourism programme. Moreover, we also provide the content for the Bsc Tourism blog. For example, we keep in touch with lecturers about their current research, or with students to write about their experiences. We try to have a diverse supply of blog content which reflects the study. Lastly we also collect feedback from current students about the study. Not on the course content, but on the choosing process of everyone. What do they want to see differently, what information did they miss when applying? This feedback will help us with promoting the BSc Tourism and recruiting new, motivated students.

ODback2Not only is being a member of any committee a good experience for on your CV, but you also get more in contact with other BSc Tourism students. Especially as a 1st year student it is useful to know a 2nd year student who can give you some advice about a certain course. And it is not only hard work: during meetings it is a lot of fun for example when everyone brings some food. As a marketing member, you also get to know future students before they even joined the programme.

So far, joining the MC Cie. was a good choice. It gave me an insight on how to promote a big product like a study programme, and a behind the scenes look at the open days. It also brought me a lot of fun with my awesome “colleagues”. So enough reasons to join the Marketing & Communication Committee of Pangea!

If you have any questions about the MC Cie., or if you are interested in knowing more about the study, don’t hesitate to contact us at marketing-pangea(at)


Educational Events Committee

EDU2015When you hear “Educational Events”, some of you might be thinking: “This is probably the boring Nerd-Department of the study association.” Well… I can tell you that my colleagues and I don’t agree on that!

Hey blog readers, my name is James and I’m the Belgian in the 1st year of the BScTourism programme. Starting last September I decided it would be fun to join one of the committees of Pangea and found a spot in “Educational Events”. Now that the school year is already over halfway, it’s time to give you an inside look at what the Educational Committee does. …and I can say that it’s the opposite of boring and nerdy!

For example, our committee created one of the biggest and most fun events of the last couple of years: a cultural trip to Lisbon, Portugal! It was quite a task, but thanks to the team which includes Anouk, Sabine and Pascal, we managed to organize Pangea’s first international city-trip . Combining tourism, sunny weather and culture in a three-day tour, more than 20 BSc Tourism students from the first, second and third year joined.

Lisbon2015Next to organizing the Lisbon trip last semester, we regularly have meetings at the NHTV canteen to discuss other events that are linked to education and culture. Still on schedule for this and for next year are inviting guest lecturers from the professional field to talk about interesting tourism and hosting a movie night. Both can be about a diversity of topics, as the BSc Tourism covers a broad range of relationships between tourism, environment, society and economy.

On the pure educational side, for certain courses we provide a guideline with lecture notes and key concepts of the course. Every student can decide whether or not he or she gets access to the course guideline by paying a small reimbursement that goes to the association Pangea. By offering this course guideline, students who feel a bit insecure about an upcoming exam can use these materials as extra backing to study and exam preparation.

Concluding, being in the Educational Events committee is great! It perfectly combines your study and student life without compromising a lot of time for other things you want do to in your free time. For sure I will continue being in the committee next year and look forward to see some enthusiastic first year students joining too!