Finally, the day has come that we would start our exciting trip to Indonesia. Our day started early in the morning by meeting each other at the Schiphol Airport. Everyone was waiting in front of the gate, accompanied by family and friends to say the last goodbye. Then it was time to check in, but something went wrong…

One of our group members, Robert, suddenly said: ‘It seems that I cannot come with you to Indonesia.’ We were all shocked in this moment, because it seemd so unreal. The reason that he could not come, was because of visum problems in relation to his passport. After discussing and talking to representatives of Singapore Airlines, they came to the conclusion that Robert could not join us with the flight to Singapore and Bali. The coming days, he had to arrange an emergency visum in The Hague. We gave him our support and tried to keep him motivated to join us in Bali. However, it was time to go to the security check in and we sadly had to say goodbye to Robert.

Now, it was really not long until we could enter the plane and take off to Singapore. Everyone was storing their hand luggage, taking their seats, etc. The flight was actually pretty comfortable; everyone was watching movies, listening some music, sleeping, reading, talking, etc. Furthermore, there was a huge variety of snacks, drinks and meals during our flight and the time passed by pretty fast.

Singapore2015Everyone was excited to get to Bali with a long stop in Singapore, and therefore it seemed not so far away anymore.

Once we arrived in Singapore, we immediately felt the heat; in other words: 90% humidity. We walked around the city and we visited the Marina Bay Sands Resort, the Lion Fountain, and some restaurants for a bite. After taking some nice pictures, and feeling exhausted, we returned to the airport to continue our journey on the next plane to Bali.

Written by: Vivienne Leidenfrost, Semina Diakopoulou, Laila Rghif and David Krom