Waking up, staring at the ceiling, another day at the hotel. The air-conditioning is making noises which are difficult to describe. What does that noise sound like? After a few days having an close relationship with this specific air-conditioning system it is still hard to describe what it is. It is an engine, or maybe a lawnmower. After 10 minutes of thinking suddenly there’s the answer. It is the sound of a Tesla. The only difference is that my hate for this air-conditioning is a lot bigger than my hate for the car. After slowly hating every inch of your body for not being able to do anything, your mind starts to fight your body.

Every morning the same walk to the shower. This shower is slowly becoming one of your friends. The loneliness in the morning, knowing that you cannot do any research, is slowly eating you from the inside. The question is, what should I do. After watching more and more movies you slowly start to think that the state you in is a movie. A bad one to and it misses some special effects. It is a portrait of a man who’s angry with his own body. Putting up a fight against himself.

Looking at the clock. Oh it is already 12 o’clock; time to get a cup of tea and the daily dosis of ORS. Hmm still not hungry, after this magnificent meal it is time to get back to the room and stare at the ceiling. The ceiling is somewhat special after a while. The best part however is that when you do not trust your own body anymore and your mind is slowly digesting you, there are friends to cheer you up. So even when you think this is worse than the time Holland got kicked out of the World Cup, you have your friends and fellow researchers who look after you. Who will help you with everything you need. This is a thank you for them. For the ones who helped at times that you actually needed help. The people who supported you, tried to entertain you while you know you were really a pain in the ass for those who helped you.

You try to be the tough guy, the macho man randy savage, but actually you are kind of emotional about the help you get, you do not let them know that actually you are an emotional wreck. Try to be the tough guy, the 6,5 feet tall friendly tough giant. But in writing it is easier to describe the feelings you actually have, instead of saying them. It is about friendship, help and kindliness. It is in the small things. People who cheer you up when you are lying in your bed like a bag of bones. The small things that make your day. For example playing a game of chess with the people you like. It may seem strange; a man who’s really happy from playing a game of chess. In the evening you are lying again focussed on the same ceiling. However you are now in a better mood, knowing that your friends were there trying to cheer you up, make you happy and make your day. So after thanking them a lot, this is also a thank you. Thank you guys for cheering me up, keeping me happy and let us play some more chess!

Written by: Guido Wapstra