Let’s empower you by giving you some choice. Instead of imposing ideas on you, we like you to develop your own truths. That’s why we give you 5 possible reasons (+two) to go to Sulawesi and leave it up to you to choose the ones that get you going. Enjoy picking!

1. A magnificent shape

You can see all kinds of things in this uniquely shaped island. Is it an octopus? Or a sea anemone? An alien? A star perhaps? Whatever it is, because of its shape, there are countless beaches, boat rides, and sunset & sunrise spots. This will definitely enhance your experience, and make you happy.

2. To hang in the middle

It is convenient… If you are indecisive, and you cannot choose between tropical islands situated on the Northern hemisphere and tropical islands on the Southern hemisphere, you will love Sulawesi. If it is your thing, you can try to break the world record of crossing the equator.

3. You love different

Europe and Indonesia are different. Java and Sulawesi are different. North Sulawesi, Central Sulawesi, South Sulawesi and Southeastern Sulawesi are different. And Tana Toraja is different. Every village, mountain and buffalo there is different. In other words; same same but different.

4. Legendary taste

Do you love good coffee? Real coffee? Then Toraja offers you world-class Arabica flavours without compare. Serious. SERIOUS!

5. Transcend the boundaries of space & time

Maybe a little pretentious and a bit academic, but Sulawesi will allow you to see new ontological and epistemological dimensions of sustainability…..   which means…

Sulawesi is a great place for you to explore the many controversies of tourism development. You can see what tourism does to a place, the environment and its people. Both good and bad. You will meet people who have first hand experience. And from this you learn a lot. Not only about tourism, but about life.

And here’s two more reasons why we as BSc Tourism go to Sulawesi for the international field project 2017!

 6. A trip down memory lane

The author visited Sulawesi a long time ago. About 14 years to be precise. When there were hardly any tourists. When you needed 5 hours to send one Hotmail in an internet cafe. When Starbucks was just a funny word. And when – if there was beer – it was always very, very warm (but cheap). And in some respect, in some parts of this beautiful island, time has stood still. In other words: downright nostalgia.

7. Right time, right place

It is the right time to go to Sulaweis, because we are working hard to build relations with Universities in Indonesia to collaborate in student and staff exchange, joint (research) projects, and (you guessed it already) international fieldwork.

Sulawesi (and Tana Toraja) was proposed to us by one of our partners, Swisscontact. They pointed out our field research would be relevant for them, and offered to support us on the ground to study tourism to explore the quality of life.

Written by: Harald Buijtendijk