Selamat siang! Before everyone thinks that the students are already coming back home, sadly they aren’t, but today was an incredible day. Through the cooperation of NHTV Breda and Politeknik Pariwisata Makassar we had to get back to school here in Sulawesi. At 09:30 a bus picked us up and brought us to the campus of the local tourism university in Makassar.

When we arrived we got the warmest welcome, so warm we couldn’t even ever have imagined it in our dreams, including a welcome dance, drinks and the students waiting us up at the front door. It was impressive, to say the least. The day itself was all about interaction with the students from Makassar. Which consisted of a guest lecture about different cultures and sights in Sulawesi and in specific Torajan culture from one of their professors, a tour around their campus, lunch and a fully arranged tour through Fort Rotterdam in which the students could practice their skills that they learned at the university.

After some rest and time for the students to change their warm school uniform to some more casual clothes, they took us to a local seafood restaurant. Here we could choose our own fish and eat it the Indonesian style, so no cutlery, but eating with your hands, which is actually quite hard if gyou’re not used to it.

I would like to thank the students of Makassar again for showing their campus, their culture and helping us out this day and that through this day they gave me the feeling that I’m really welcome in this country.

Let me finish up with some advice for everyone that is going to Indonesia, embrace the friendliness of the people and their kindness. Use all you have to interact with them, because it will brighten your view of the Indonesian culture!

Ps. If you would like to see more pictures of the day, click on this link which will guide you to the Facebook page of Politeknik Pariwisata Makassar.

Written by: Mitchell

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