What a day! After spending two hours on fixing and sticking mosquito nets to the ceiling, I finally got the time to write the blog post. For the record, fixing your mosquito net is not as simple as it might seem. Sitting on Francesco’s shoulders, while he was standing on a chair, was what was needed to pull it off.

After a good night of sleep, I headed to the lobby for breakfast. The food was energizing, the porridge was not what I expected, and the scrambled eggs were perfectly cooked. Next stop is the airport.

Looking out of the plane made me realize how different Sumba is from Bali. Green and lush vegetation, remoteness and the laid-back atmosphere are such a contrast with Bali. This really shows what difference a 45 minute flight can make. While on a vintage bus, I noticed how many locals were staring at us as if we were aliens. Besides, locals were selling their products alongside the street, where a lot of trash was burned. The hilly road was swarming with scooters coming from every direction. It seemed like a completely different world: Barefoot kids playing on the streets, laid back life, men sitting together smoking and chatting while observing the surroundings.

Arriving at our accommodation, it was hard not to notice the peaceful surroundings and the virgin vegetation covering the area. The buildings were unique – Almar and Francesco are staying in a cozy bamboo bungalow. After settling in, it was time for dinner. The driver of the bus dropped us off at a restaurant, which was on the cliffs with a nice view. Smelling the salty water reminded me of my country, Greece. We enjoyed a very tasty meal, with rice, but also some very delicious fish soup. Everything was great. I also met a sweet little Sumbanese girl, who was wondering around the restaurant – her name was Gretz. Before we left she kissed my hand to say goodbye.

It was a perfect first day I suppose, setting and adjusting to the new environment, but also understanding the different everyday challenges someone may face in Sumba. A least now I am lying under the mosquito net…

Written by: Evgenia