“5 people and 5 suitcases so we need a big car, are you sure it will fit?”  “yesyes I am sure” is what our friend, made just 10 hours ago, assured us.

We met a guy who was part of a motorcycle gang, and who rapidly became our friend. The next morning he offered to bring us to Tuk Tuk. He told us there were no taxi’s in the area of Parbaba, which we still doubt to be true. We doubted if it was possible for us to fit with the 5 of us plus luggage inside the car. Therefore we asked about 6 times if this would be a problem. He clearly confirmed that this would not be a problem at all.

To our surprise when we arrived at the car there were 2 more persons that also drove with us, of which we had no prior knowledge at all. The car was actually made for 5 people and we were now with 8. They were brainstorming about how to  fit us and the luggage inside the car. Eventually, 4 suitcases were put on the top of the car, 4 of us were put in the back row, 1 in the front, 2 of the guys were sitting in the trunk, and one of them was behind the steering wheel.

Thankfully all of us and our suitcases got safely to Tuk Tuk.

Written by: Odile & Kaylee