Project Description

Social media is a rather new and growing phenomenon which can be used as a tool for marketing. As social media is a recent development, destination marketing via social media is relatively unexplored. Therefore, this research identified how the tool “social media” can be used as a marketing technique for destinations. This is done by analysing the marketing strategies of country destination management organisations in developing, emerging and developed countries and subsequently by analysing how these organisations use social media within these strategies. A content analysis has been performed on the websites and social media pages of the destination management organisations of Mozambique, Indonesia and Australia that have been used as a case study. The analysis is based on the 8P marketing theory and a conceptual framework for social media has been created during this research. The results showed that developed countries use more marketing instruments and they use social media most frequently. Furthermore, the results showed that developing countries are more advanced in destination marketing via social media than emerging countries.

Author: M. Nijhuis (2019)