Project Description

Marine environments continue to be threatened by the growing problem of plastic pollution. As the largest economic sector, the tourism industry is a great contributor to this pollution. Millions of tourists coming to the Mediterranean region cause a substantial increase in the generation of waste which adds to the plastic soup. Multiple plans for interventions started around a decade ago and more policies focussing on waste reduction have been implemented or signed. One of these interventions is a ban on single use plastics, which bans all plastic utensils like cups, plates and straws. Replacing these disposable plastics by biodegradable plastics and reusable products is what the small island destination Isole Tremiti in Italy did when they implemented the ban on single use plastics. This thesis contributes to the literature by providing information on the implementation of an intervention like a ban on single use plastics and takes the influence and experience of tourists as actors on this policy arrangement into account.

Author: B. Maeijer (2019)