Project Description

Value Chain Analysis

The Thai island of Koh Chang, near the Cambodian border, aims to be a low carbon tourism destination. This research explores a distinctive section of the tourism product in Koh Chang, namely the seafood restaurants. The performance of the seafood restaurant value chain was analysed during a 16-day fieldwork period, by means of formal- and informal interviews, surveys and participant observation. Elaborate analysis of the data revealed a number of bottlenecks in the value chain regarding energy efficiency and waste management.

Feasible interventions and recommendations are formulated for local stakholders and DASTA, a governmental organisation focused on establishing a sustainable future for tourism in Thailand. Interventions addressing transport inefficiency, imported seafood on menus and awareness of the tourist are provided to support Koh Chang’s development as an attractive low carbon destination.

Authors: De Keijzer, E., Kerckhoffs, V., Lubberts, T., Sluimer, N. & Van Halder, A. (2014)