Founded in October 2011 Study Association Pangea offers students of the Bachelor of Science Tourism a platform to create an inspirational study environment. Study Association Pangea aims to improve the study environment by offering its members study related activities and services as well as non-study related activities and services.

The name Pangea is associated with the supercontinent that existed around 250 million years ago. Back then all continents of the world were one and all connected. This also relates to one of Study Association Pangea’s main goals; to connect the students of the Bachelor of Science Tourism, similar to the super continent, and interconnect as one whole student association.

The study association is managed by the board. They supervise the committees, take care of the book-keeping and other management tasks. The board of 2019 – 2020 consists of: Caitlin (2nd year BTO), Florentien (2nd year BTO), Marie (2nd year BTO) & Carlijne (3rd year BTO).

If you are interested in the activities of the study association and its’ committees, feel welcome to read the information per committee on this website or ask second or third year students. Also, we want to encourage you to become active in our association, so if you have the desire to join a committee, or have any other creative/innovative/fun ideas for our association please feel free to contact us! New committees are always possible and are supported by the association. For example, one of our students is currently working on a sustainability committee!

To get in touch with the board, please email to: pangea(at)