The study association is divided into different committees. These committees all have their own tasks but also combine their forces every now and then. The committees currently present in Study Association Pangea are: Educational Committee, Marketing Committee, and Party Committee. Next to these standing committees there are also 3 committees which do not operate all-year round. These temporary committees help organise events for the National Field Project, the International Field Project and the Introduction Week.

Educational Committee

The Educational Cie. deals with any educational matters of our association. This includes for example the making of summaries. For every 1st and 2nd year course, there will be summaries made available through Study Association Pangea. These are made by your fellow students of this committee and are available about a week before the exam. The summaries have already been made but they only have to be adapted to your year, because articles and lectures change over the year. Being a member of the association is beneficial here, since our members get a discount on the purchase of these summaries.

Next to the summaries, the Educational Cie. has the opportunity to arrange study related events, which may include guest lectures or excursions. Also educational movie nights with pizza as well as a pub quiz introduced in 2018 are events that would be organized by the Educational Cie.

The committee can be approached for any educational matters or creative ideas for the upcoming year!

They can be contacted by the following email: edu-pangea(at)

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Cie. consists of several students who are keen to raise awareness for the Bachelor of Science Tourism. This is done by, of course, our open days and evenings, but also through several social media channels and orientation days. During the open days the committee supports the Bachelor of Science Tourism staff, shares experiences with prospective students and answers questions from a student perspective. This student perspective is key on these days, because potential students mostly want to know what the study is really like. During orientation days, guidance is delivered by this committee as well. The potential students attend lectures with the 1st and 2nd year students of the Bachelor of Science Tourism. The task of the committee is to show potential students around, make them feel welcome and to be the face of the study programme.

Finally, the committee is responsible for several social media channels. As real millennials we want to keep our members up to date as fast as possible. This is done through events on Facebook, updates on Instagram and providing a network on LinkedIn.

Curious what the committee can do for you? Please get in touch through the following channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Email: marketing-pangea(at)

Party Committee

Our Party Committee is responsible for the parties which are thrown throughout the year. With at least one party every 2 months we try to get our members acquainted with the city of Breda and encourage the social relationships among students. Within this committee there is plenty of room for creativity, as the party themes differ each year and activities vary as well. From pub crawls to a beer cantus to theme parties, it is all possible within the study association. Next to the fun creativity part, there are of course also organizational duties for this committee. Locations need to be arranged, agreements need to be made, and there is always the negotiation for the best deals in town. Finally, the Party Committee is collaborating with different study associations in Breda in order to arrange the greatest events.

Want to see more? On the Pangea Facebook page you can view all the parties thrown in the last few years.

To get in touch with the Party Committee, send an email to: party-pangea(at)

Introduction Committee

The Introduction Committee is responsible for preparing an amazing introduction week for our new students and guide them through that week. This unexpected journey is the start of student life at Breda University of Applied Sciences and must be steered in the right direction. A planning has to be made, Hoppassen must be arranged and during the introduction week, students need to be guided. The Hoppassen are very important for the new students, because they are responsible for creating a secure atmosphere, they are contact persons for any problems new students might have during the intro, and they need to guide students to different locations. It is your job to make the introduction week an unforgettable journey for your fellow students!

Are you interested in joining this committee? Send an email to intro-pangea(at)

NFP Committee

In the first year of the Bachelor of Science Tourism program, the National Field Project (NFP) takes place, which is organized by the NFP Committee. The committee is responsible for finding suitable accommodations in the cities where the research is conducted, which means looking for hostels and then booking them. Another task is organizing the transport for your peers and finding the best solution for international students especially. Additionally, the national field project not only focusses on the research itself but also on having a good time when all the research activities are fulfilled for the day. Therefore, organizing a dinner and maybe drinks for the whole group is a task for the committee as well. Lastly, the NFP committee draws up a script for the whole trip.

Email: nfp-pangea(at)

IFP Committee

The IFP Committee is a committee that is only active shortly before the International Field Project (IFP) takes place (around April-May every year). The IFP is a large international research project done by 2nd year students of the Bachelor of Science Tourism. Where? The research location will be presented a few months ahead of the fieldtrip, by the course coordinators. The IFP committee does not organize the field project itself. However, the trip leaves room for many student initiatives and that is where this committee comes in. The IFP committee can organize group activities at the destination and suggest ideas to fill in the free days. This small and temporary committee can make a huge difference during a unique research expedition.

Email: ifp-pangea(at)

Sustainability Committee

The sustainability committee was founded this year by students who wanted to create a platform to exchange ideas and initiatives concerning sustainability. By raising awareness and creating events, we want to remind everyone that every single step helps in creating a sustainable environment on and off campus. Another incentive is to collaborate with other Pangea Committees (such as the Party Committee) to also bring this awareness to other areas of life. We are curious about new ideas and insights from many different students at Breda University of Applied Sciences and Wageningen University & Research! It is also an opportunity to implement the knowledge learned in class into real life and educate fellow students and the University about the importance of this matter.

Email: sustainablility-pangea(at)