The last few days have been quite an adventure. After Siborong-Borong, we decided to give Balige a second shot and went to see Pizza Andaliman with the lovely owner Sebastian. As always, we left all our options open and therefore couldn’t answer his question “where are you going to sleep tonight?” WE DON’T KNOW. Creative as our new friend is, he decided to put up a tent in his Pizzeria and invited us to his BBQ party.

We were the special guests of the party and as always, all eyes and cameras were on us. A few hours later we were eating grilled Batak fish from palm leaves with rice and Sambal. And obviously there wouldn’t be a Batak party without a lot of tuak. Through a few encounters before our tastebuds slowly got used to it. The rest of the night, we were listening to Batak songs and sharing candelnut cigarettes….

The next day, we enjoyed Baliges best views and went to eat local. And when I mean local, I mean really really local. So once again, we ignored all known hygiene standards and explored the world of the Batak food. We were scared to get served some B1, but in the end we think we had buffalo milk cheese, chicken, stuffed fish eggs and grilled fish. The food was delicious, and hopefully our stomachs stay strong.

After lunch, we made our way to Taman Eden. We chose to take the public transport what was basically an overloaded disco bus. We stepped out of the bus after 1 1/2 hours with a Tinnitus, but at least it was cheap and funny.

Right now, we are staying in the Rainforest and after 4 nights without a hot shower or a properly working toilet we are slowly starting to miss luxury and socializing. We are around people but with the most of them we can not talk. Everyone here goes to bed early so I guess I’m going to sleep into my Birthday tonight…

Written by: Luisa